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At the Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques we work with psychotherapy, which is a form of second-line psychological care, offering specialized treatment.


Using your Dutch health insurance, an invoice for the payment of psychotherapy will be sent to your address after the completion of treatment or after one year of treatment. You will then have to forward that invoice to the insurer.


We follow each insurer's price lists and, therefore, we never know what the total treatment value will be. This payment includes not only consultation times, but also all times used for each patient, namely: e-mail communications, phone calls, supervision, study, research, home consultations, case studies, session preparation, etc.


Although health insurance covers a certain percentage of sessions, there is a fixed amount that needs to be paid directly to your insurer, the so called "eigen risico". "Eigen risico" is a fixed amount set by the Dutch government and is mandatory for everyone who uses any type of specialized health service.

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