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Our mission involves the creation of a therapeutic space based on trust, comfort and harmony. In this space, we want you to feel encouraged to become aware of your difficulties and problems and work to alleviate them, thus building new ways of being that bring you happiness.



With you in every step


Individual Psychotherapy is a therapeutic process, which promotes mental stability, personal well-being and self-satisfaction. In this process, the psychologist helps the patient to clarify and know their functioning pattern, as well as their own difficulties and to find solutions and new strategies to deal effectively with them. 


Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy studies the infant's behaviours since he/she was born. This branch of Psychology focuses on the physical, motor, cognitive, perceptual, affective and social development of children and adolescents. The constant changes lead to the experience of extraordinarily strong feelings and potentially disorganising emotions, which may cause suffering and distress. These symptoms and anxieties, if not worked and resolved, may lead to the development of a psychopathology in adulthood. Thus, it is essential to intervene early.


Couple's Therapy is a psychotherapeutic method that focuses on the couple's relationship, in which the sessions involve the presence of each partner. This therapy aims to address the problems in the relationship and promote insight, as well as new ways of effectively dealing with these difficulties, allowing the couple to rejoin and improve their intimacy. Thus, the psychologist can propose some “homework” to reinforce new ways of relating to each other and unblock conflict areas. The effectiveness of this therapy is dependent on the partners' motivation to change and work on their relationship and communication.


Psychological Assessment is a process of testing that uses several techniques and tools of psychology in order to understand and have more information about the patient's behaviour, personality and skills. This assessment is made by a qualified psychologist that will interpret the scores of several tests (as well as other methods) and, consequently, create hypotheses of classification or diagnosis. These hypotheses can help better understand the patient's psychological functioning, as well as inform how to better intervene with that specific person (what should be the course of treatment).


Isabel is much considerate, patient, always tries to understand and help.

Y. 28 years old


The understanding and patient of the psychologist were essential for me to face life in a different way. Going to therapy makes me more stable. Would recommend a lot. It's life changing and it's much worth it.

F. 28 years old

With the sessions I was able to loose fear, learn to live on my own after a 50-year marriage and  to trust myself.

M. 72 years old




Family Therapy sees the individual's symptom or problem/difficulty as a result of the dysfunctional way the family interacts. The therapist thus intervenes to create conditions for an improved dialogue between family members, helping to build healthy and harmonious relationships, and supporting families so that they can best deal with the challenges that arise. The sessions are held with the various elements of the family, however they may also involve only one individual. 



Our Psychotherapy service represents a SPECIALIZED PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICE. 

The treatment can be done through your insurance or through our private practice.


Through your Dutch health insurance, the invoice of the psychotherapy payment will be sent to your address after the end of treatment or after one year of treatment. You will have to forward this invoice to your insurance.




The payment is in accordance with each insurance company and we never know what will be the total price of a treatment.

In the price it is included the time of the sessions, phone calls and emails, supervision, study, research, home consultation, case study, preparation for each session etc.


You need to ask for a referral letter

(verwijsbrief) for specialised psychotherapy (psychotherapie – gespecialiseerde SGGZ).


You must request the letter to your family doctor (huisarts) if you will be using your health insurance.


The letter should include the referral to a “SGGZ” (specialised mental health services) and the personal AGB code of the specialist.



Prices of the sessions through private practice:


on request by email ( or telephone (+31 614478140).

More information can be found on "Frequently Asked Questions"



Do you have any questions?

We are always available for you. 

The sessions may be in Portuguese or English, online or on-site at our clinic:

Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques

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1012 BH Amsterdam

+31 614478140

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