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New team member

We are delighted to welcome the newest additions to our team of Psychologists. This month we introduce three new team members, all psychologists and motivated to enter this journey of mental health for you. All three graduated from the same University but with different areas of specialisation. Find out more about them!


Leonardo Silvério

Leonardo is a Clinical Psychologist and Master in Clinical and Health Psychology, sub-area of specialization in Clinical Psychogerontology by the University of Coimbra. At the moment he is also a Psychotherapist in training at the Portuguese Society of Constructivist Psychotherapies.

His professional experience is focused in the areas of trauma, chemical addictions and pathological aging, acquired in the Centre for Community Services in the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra, in the Centre for Medical, Psychological and Social Support of the Coimbra Centre of the League of Combatants, National Association for Youth Support and Semente | “Superação e Estimulação da Mente”.


Welcome to the team, Leonardo!


Joana Marta Simões

We are delighted to welcome the latest addition to our team of Psychologists. Joana Marta Simões has a Master's degree in Clinical and Health Psychology - Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions in Psychological Disorders and Health, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Coimbra. In addition to her academic training, she also works as a researcher at the Research Center in Neuropsychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention at the University of Coimbra. Its main area of study and intervention is Eating Disorders, problems related to body image, mental health and well-being of adolescents and adults.


Welcome to the team, Joana!

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Mudanças seguros de saúde


A partir de Abril de 2022, o novo sistema de faturamento dos serviços de saúde dos Países Baixos entrará em vigor


Isso significa que a partir de então, as sessões serão pagas individualmente e serão faturadas mensalmente.

Além disso, será necessário pedir autorização da seguradora antes de iniciar o seu tratamento de psicoterapia.

Vamos enviar mais informações assim que soubermos. 

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Workshop "Learn to Communicate"


Have you ever felt like you couldn't convey what you thought or felt and then regretted what you said? This workshop is for you!  

In this workshop we will explore the different forms of communication, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each one and promote attitudes that promote assertive communication. 

The first step will be to observe and listen. The rest will find out with us.

The workshop will take place on the 19th of March from 14:00 to 16:30. To register, send an email to, and confirm your presence at our event here!

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Mind & Body


The Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques is pleased to present a new modality of treatment for the promotion of mental health – Mind & Body.  

In addition to the mind, the body has a central role in the therapeutic process and in the dialogue between patient and psychotherapist, and, as such, this project aims to integrate the physical component in the difficulties and themes presented, and in promoting self-awareness and life experiences.  

Mind & Body will be an essential catalyst in exploring the complex mind-body relationship. In particular, this treatment aims to provide more health and quality of life through greater awareness and freedom of the body.  

This service is dedicated to those who want to cultivate tools that facilitate the most useful and healthy expression of pain, pleasure, sadness, anxiety, love, anger, guilt and their own sexuality.

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Clinic in Coimbra

Opening on September 20th!

After many sketches and planning, we are happy to announce that the Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques unit in Coimbra will be inaugurated on September 20th!


It is with great satisfaction that we see our company growing and that we share this news with all our patients and followers.

We want to offer you a specialized treatment, designed especially for you. We will offer innovative services, aiming at your well-being:





And much more...

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Spa Hortelã Pimenta

SPA Hortelã Pimenta

Mental Health Clinic IH

Body Therapy and Aromatherapy 

Wellness Massages


SPA Hortelã Pimenta is the new project of Mental Health Clinic IH. A different concept  for those who want to embark on a unique experience, it adds well-being by awakening emotions.

Aromatherapy and Body Therapy is the perfect combination for you to find here the core of relaxation and the coherence of the Self in an intense journey into the deepest part of your being.

From September 1st, Hortelã Pimenta will open its doors and welcome you in the heart of the city of Amsterdam.

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New clinic!

Coimbra is the home that welcomes the birth of our new clinic.

The sunny city in central Portugal, close to the mountains and close to the sea, will receive the new space under the name Mental Health Clinic Isabel Henriques.


Pay attention to the news that we will disclose with innovative services designed especially for our clients.

We want to expand the world of Psychology and bring it closer to people, closer to you.

Risk a deeper look, risk an opportunity for growth. The Mental Health Clinic IH Coimbra is the right direction.